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36 MOS. 60 MOS.
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Total Price $13,300



The 1500W table-top Ultrasonic Welder uses a 20kHz transceiver and frequency dials, allowing for fine-tuned wave sound to the weld area, ease of changeover and no need for keeping costly multiple spare booster stacks.

The new Ultrasonic Welder can join two similar or dissimilar materials without producing sound audible to human beings, due to its high frequency of 20kHz. It allows customers to forego caustic chemical glue, solder or filler processes that produce harmful fumes.

The product can be used in plastic or metal welding applications including heat staking, inserting metal objects into plastic, bag making, food sealing, packaging, medical devices, tools, toys, garments, appliances, electronic packaging and automotive, among others.

Item Description / Specifications
Power Supply 1500 Watt Power Supply (separate)
Frequency 20KHz, Transducer
Maximum Clamp Force 33.1 lbs. At 100 psig (0.147kN @ 690 kPA)
Dynamic Triggering 43 to 258 lbs max.
Stroke Length 2.95 inches Pressure Air Filter Regulator, Air Recommended, 80 PSI 2 Inch Pressure Gauge 0 - 150 PSI (0 - 1.034 MPa)
Weight 210 lbs. (95 kg)
Dimension 1.42 FT (434mm) Deep x 2.06 FT (630mm) Wide x 3.0 FT (920mm) High
Power Source 220V, 1 Phase, 10Amp *
Digital Display Keypad 3 Character Keypad Button; Delay Time 0 - 999 3 Character Keypad Button; Weld Time 0 -999